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Steve, Isabel and Graeme Mills of the Clanheir Affix started on the show side with Airedale Terriers. Our first Airedale was a bitch Petals Pride of Clanheir (Shadli emblem of Wengyp X West Badallan girl) ‘Lady’.


Graeme & Lady


We studied pedigrees to acquire the best dog for her first mating. The dog we really admired was owned by Tom and Janet Huxley of the Robroyd kennels. His name was Ch. Shadli Magnum of Robroyd (Barney).

Although novices in showing and breeding at that time we struck up a very strong friendship with Tom and Janet. They very kindly let us take their first champion dog back home to Scotland to try for a successful mating with ‘Lady’. We could visualise the type and quality of puppies already but unfortunately Lady did not produce puppies to Barney.

While on the phone to Tom one day he said “We have a litter here Steve, why don’t you think of taking a dog from this, as we are not keeping a dog from this litter. You can have your pick of dogs!” So we discussed the matter further and bought our first Airedale dog (Robroyd Magmatic of Clanheir) ‘Rocky’. A grandson of Barney and very like his grandsire.

When Rocky was 10 months old, Lady came into season. We were at the caravan down at Bulith Wells showground. This mating was successful and produced our first litter of Airedale puppies. One of which caught our eye, we called her ‘Corrie’ Clanheir Maiden Scotland was her show name a very beautiful bitch: typey and on tip of toe our kennels were very fortunate to have a bitch of this quality of our first litter.

I remember taking her to get Tom and Janet Huxley’s opinion of Corrie. “Bloody hell” exclaimed Tom and Janet said “Steve you asked what I think of Corrie, I would kill to have a bitch of that quality in our kennels”. Taken aback I said to her “But you have ‘Jewel’, Top bitch with 7cc’s”. Janet’s reply was “Yes Steve I have but she’s not Corrie”.

We had extremely high hopes with our Corrie!

Unfortunately she swallowed part of a rubber bone, had 3 emergency operations and was nursed at our vets home but died aged 3 years. Corrie never produced any bitch puppies, only dogs. Her full sister ‘Cee Cee’ (Clanheir Cardhu) never had a litter and so our dreams were dashed in Airedales a breed we loved so much.

As our son Graeme grew up he wanted to show his ‘Lady’, being only 5 years old Graeme was often struggling to keep Lady in the ring at Show Training Classes. On one occasion we remember Lady starting to play up and Graeme saying “No Lady” and at the same time being a seasoned campaigner at 5 years old produced from his pocket a dog biscuit to which Lady was very interested in. This brought a cheer and clapping from the other people in the class. With very good comments on Graeme’s handling skills, someone approached us and said Graeme would be better with a smaller dog to handle and loaned him a ‘Miniature Schnauzer’.

Graeme fell in love with this dog and pestered his mother about getting one. Isabel said “I don’t know Graeme it’s such a big decision” to which Graeme countered with “But it’s just a wee dog”. Our Miniature Schnauzer was then acquired. ‘Laura’ our first puppy bitch was accompanied up to Scotland with two adult dogs Max and Bobby which were up only for a short time to help out the breeder, who’s daughter was getting married. Bobby was taken back by Chrissie Butterworth but Max was to stay. A handsome Cobby Miniature Schnauzer out of Ch. Travelmors U.S Mail X Sophie’s Spirit at Christville.

Max and Laura were our first foundation stock in Miniature Schnauzers and are now happily living in retirement with friends not far away.

Steve, Graeme & Max

ROBROYD KENNELS– Russian Black Terriers

Graeme & Asta

Tom and Janet Huxley were the first ever to import the breed into Great Britain . Steve and Graeme fell in love with this magnificent breed whilst staying at Tom and Janet’s for the weekend. The first one they imported was a bitch named ‘Asta’ (Lisander Astronimical at Robroyd) then later they imported a dog called ‘Pippo’ (Eestiless Joker Arbat-roz at Robroyd).

Eventually Steve and Graeme persuaded Isabel on the merits of the Russian and the decision was taken to go into Russian’s but only Russian’s.

We travelled to Belfast in March 2003 and bought our first Russian bitch which was named ‘Zulu’, (Midnight Blitz at Clanheir), who was 10 months old. Around 6 months later in November we acquired her dam ‘Enya’, (Tiggis Amazing Grace Clanheir). A Top Winning Bitch Ireland & UK.


Enya, Isabel and Zulu

Graeme & Enya
Back in June 2003, Tom and Janet Huxley brought over a dog from Italy bred by Sona Heldova – his wins included:

Junior Champion of Italy, Champion of Italy, Club Winner in Italy '03  
Junior Club Winner in Italy '01 (at the age of 9 months)                       
Best Mover in Show, Club's Hope of the Year 2001,
IV Junior - European BRT Show - Nitra '01,
Junior Winner of BRT Specialty - Reggio Emilia '02 (Italy)   
4 x Junior Winner, 7 x CAC, 4 x Res.CAC, 4 x CACIB, 3 x res.CACIB,
3 x Best Male, 4 x Best of Breed, BOG IIIV-CE World Show Winner - Amsterdam 2002
Ita. CH. Babyllon Cierny Sen at Lisander
Multi CH. Slavny Vitjaz iz Ruskoi Dinastii X Multi CH Bina Brait

(Kris X jasno Solnyshko iz Ruskoi Dinastii) (Pel Lars IV X Babetta-Chel)

While down at Tom and Janet’s to mate ‘Zulu’ to their dog ‘Pippo’ we got talking about ‘Bibi’. He was for sale to the right home.

We are indebted to our dear friends of many years, Tom and Janet Huxley of the Robroyd Kennels for their help in acquiring Bibi for our kennel (Clanheir).

We would also like to thank Marco Galli (Lisander) for having the foresight and knowledge to allow a dog of Bibi’s quality to come from his kennels (Lisander) and start a new life in the UK in Scotland (Clanheir Kennels) Bibi will have a massive impact on improving the type, quality and temperament of the Russian Black Terriers on this Island .

To Marco Galli we are also indebted.  

You already made a very brave decision; it must have been very hard to part with Bibi!

Thank you so much Marco

From Steve, Isabel and Graeme

Clan Kennels and Cattery Larkhall

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